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Here are just some of the comments that have been received about the contributions that Aaron has made in the lives of families and professionals.


Aaron has trained over 5,000 police officers in how to deal with ASD victims and suspects. Sgt. Barry Armfield, St. Louis Area Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator (RET) with the St. Louis County Police department had this to say about Aaron:

     I wanted to let you know I was in attendance for Aaron Likens’ presentation for our in-service training on Autism.  Aaron was great!! I have been to a lot of training in my 37-year career and Aaron is one of the best speakers I have heard.  Thank you for allowing us to use Aaron for this training.


From a mother in southeast Missouri:

     I also have to tell you about Aaron Likens.  He came and gave a presentation at Gateway Center for the Arts and Brandon and I went.  There were 20 parents there.  I have gotten together with several parents since and we all cannot stop talking about what a great job he did, and how much the parents enjoyed it. I can't tell you how great it was to see him as a functioning adult with Autism and giving that presentation.  Him being there and giving that presentation probably gave 20 parents more hope than ABA, any therapy, a support group or a simple hug could have ever done. 

Dr. Keith Schaffer, former Director of the Missouri Department of Mental Health, wrote this for the back of Aaron’s book, Finding Kansas:

     Aaron Likens may be the most courageous, intelligent and tenacious young man I have met in my long tenure in the mental health field.  He is fiercely determined to better understand himself and the world around him, and he does us the great favor of sharing his journey of self-discovery, so profoundly touched by Asperger’s Syndrome. It is a condition that, before Aaron, has led us to assume that emotional insight and personal self-disclosure may not be possible.  We have much to learn from Aaron, and as he teaches us our admiration, understanding, and respect for this brave young man, and all others affected by Asperger’s Syndrome, will grow.

Mike Vaia, Special Services Director for the Hannibal Public Schools, Hannibal, MO, said this:

     Aaron Liken's presentation was the best professional development activity I have ever attended in my 25 plus years in education on any topic.  


Dr. Jenny Roebke is the University Provost at Concordia University Nebraska. Following two presentations at CUNE, she had this to say:

    Wow!  Aaron’s presentations were outstanding!  The auditorium was full for both presentations and the students (and others) were the most attentive I have ever seen them in response to a speaker. 

Tim Detviler, Assistant Principal at Lutheran High School of Orange County said this about Aaron’s presentation to over 1,500 students:

     Never in my career have I seen one individual captivate our student body, share so much information in such a unique way, make students laugh and cry, and do it all in 19 minutes.

From and Amazon review:

    This book helps me to understand my 20-year old Asperger's son. When I first started reading, I was at the car wash waiting in the lobby area. I started crying and could not stop. I had to put the book away until I got home. It helped me to understand my son immediately. I so appreciate Aaron telling us his deepest thoughts and fears and joys. I feel like I know him.

 From Lutheran School principal William Unzicker, Perryville, MO

    Aaron Likens' presentation for our third to eighth graders was FANTASTIC.  I've been in education for forty-six years and that was the best hour I have ever spent!  After reading 'Finding Kansas' it was great to have Aaron in-person describe the real life situations.  His information was understandable for students and thought-provoking for our staff!  We as teachers know that students have different learning styles and Aaron pointed out other signs of the spectrum. His delivery was captivating for the audience.  We were truly blessed to be able to have Aaron here. If Aaron is ever available in your area........go see him!

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