la sheriffs departmentMy introduction to Aaron Likens was through the reading of his first book, Finding Kansas. In his book, Aaron shared accounts of his personal journey of living on the autism spectrum. I found the book remarkably insightful, poignant, vulnerable, and humorous. At the time, I was serving in the role of CEO for a Missouri based large nonprofit which provided services and support to people with autism.

Our next interaction was an enjoyable in-person meeting. Shortly thereafter, I hired Aaron to do some work for my organization; first as a consultant, then as a blogger, and eventually as public speaker who we sent on a national speaking tour. Over the years, I've watched Aaron present to a multitude of audiences - both large and small. His personal stories, examples, humor, analogies, and insights help promote awareness, understanding, acceptance, and celebration of those with autism.

Aaron's audiences include parents, students, teachers, doctors, autism researchers, police officers, FBI agents, employers, clergy, CEO’s, board members, state government officials, and those, like himself, on the autism spectrum. Whether you were to read his book or attend one of his public presentations, Aaron has the unique ability to capture your attention and take you with him on a journey which explores what it means to go through life on the autism spectrum.

Aaron Likens is one of the most intelligent and insightful people I have had the pleasure of knowing. The value of Aaron’s contribution to the mission of raising awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder across our country cannot be overstated.

— Ron Ekstrand, Chief Executive Officer, Easterseals Arkansas
As a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aaron Likens has a unique insight into how law enforcement can interact positively with the ASD community. His message helps with officer safety, investigation aspects, and community relations.

— Steve Bennett, Supervisory Special Agent - Unit Chief, FBI, Office of Partner Engagement, Violence Reduction Unit
Aaron's "first person" observations and insights related to the interaction between those on the autism spectrum and members of law enforcement and the criminal justice community was compelling and powerful. Our attendees, which included judges and lawyers, walked away with a tool set to utilize when those on the autism spectrum are involved in the justice system in various capacities. His presentation gave our members a perspective that needs to be incorporated into our system.

— Julie Armstrong, Executive Director, Indianapolis Bar Association
It was great to witness Aaron's presentation, sincere, heartfelt, and allowed all present a brief window into autism from the first person.

I thank Aaron, and the good folks from Easterseals for all they do enriching the lives of everyone they meet.

— Alex Villanueva, Los Angeles County Sheriff

I first learned about Aaron Likens from a colleague at Boise State University. I knew that Autism awareness training would fill a critical gap for the SUNY Canton campus that includes law enforcement.

In April 2019, Aaron presented for the first time at SUNY Canton. Aaron presented to faculty, staff, community, and did a special presentation for law enforcement only. I am positive that everyone that participated came away with a much better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The information that Aaron imparted will improve the University, community, and law enforcement response to persons on the Autism Spectrum. Aaron Likens personal knowledge and delivery were so outstanding that we engaged his services once again in April 2020. I highly recommend Aaron to all organizations that want to improve their understanding of Autism.

— Alan P. Mulkin, Chief of Police, FBI NA 203rd, NYS University Police at Canton


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